Welcome to Acemi Incorporation, the largest US company in the production, marketing and plantation of pistachio plants.

With more than 20 acres of land, our nursery produces more than a million trees each year. Of these, more than 700,000 are grafted pistachio trees and more than 300,000 are rootstocks. Today our pistachio trees are spread across California, New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada.
Without a doubt, Acemi has provided more trees than any other company in the US to produce American pistachio.

Acemi is the world’s first producer of UCB1 seeds certified by the UC Davis considered the best rootstock seed for pistachio for its high resistance to diseases and its very high fruit production. UCB1 seed production now reaches 5 million per year. We export UCB1 certified seed and grafted plant to countries with large pistachio production such as Australia, Argentina, Spain and other European countries. In the case of Spain, a large part of the currently productive pistachio trees come from Acemi Inc. with more than 1,000,000 trees exported since 2008.

With more than 100 workers active throughout the year, our employees are the pride of the company, as they are the greatest experts in the continent in pistachio plant production, grafting, pistachio tree cultivation and fruit harvesting, as well as advice to independent farmers in their own plantations.

Our intensive irrigation work system and the mechanization of work make Acemi the absolute leader in the efficiency of its plantations. Today, the company owns 1,800 acres of its own pistachio plantation, of which 900 are at peak production, with an average volume of 4,000 pounds or 1,814 kg of pistachio per acre planted.