In 2019 Acemi expands its international presence with the creation of Acemi Spain, our headquarters for the Europe and North Africa area. In our facilities in Villanueva de la Jara (Cuenca, Spain) we already produced 300,000 grafted plants in our first year, making Acemi Spain the largest nursery in Europe. In its modern facilities, the most advanced technology for the control and modification of all the parameters of the crops has been installed, and it represents the first stone of the expansion of the American work system, of which Acemi is the main reference, to the European continent.

Spain currently occupies the ninth place in the world ranking of pistachio producers, and the fifth place in the number of hectares planted, being the country that currently plants the largest number of pistachio trees. The Spanish climate is completely ideal for the cultivation of pistachio, mainly in the center of the country, where Acemi Spain is based. The youth of its pistachio trees, planted mainly in the last five years, means that they have not yet reached their maximum production, but in a few years Spain will become one of the main pistachio producers in the world and the largest in Europe.

Acemi is committed to the Mediterranean market with the creation of Acemi Spain, covering all the countries of southern Europe and North Africa, both in the production and distribution of the plant and in the establishment of the Californian system of cultivation, harvesting and processing of the fruit that It offers such good results on American soil.