Our division dedicated to plantations is in charge of advising and managing large pistachio production farms, both those of Acemi and those of external farmers. We manage all the possible aspects of each exploitation, from the previous planning to the collection of the fruit, going through all the works to be carried out in a pistachio plantation.

Thanks to more than 40 years of experience, we know first-hand all the secrets of pistachio cultivation. Throughout our existence we have helped plant and develop more than 5 million pistachios, always supported by Scientific evidence for the choice of rootstock, the variety of pistachio to be planted and the necessary care for each farm and each tree.

Our staff carries out technical studies of the land to determine the type of plantation to be carried out, its framework, the variety of pistachio, the amount of irrigation, fertilizers, pruning work and a long list of tasks that must be carried out before, during and after the planting of our trees in each field.