The history of Acemi is a story of business improvement, innovation and efficiency personified in Álvaro García, our president.

Álvaro began working in a fruit tree nursery in 1980, reaching a high degree of experience with all of them, but progressively specializing in pistachio cultivation. Appointed in charge of production of that nursery, now disappeared, for 20 years his knowledge grew in parallel with the rise of the pistachio in California. From the hand of Álvaro, from the 50,000 cultivated pistachio trees.

Initially each year, the company ended up producing half a million plants annually. It was in 1999 when Álvaro García founded Acemi, 100% specialized in pistachio, with an initial production of about 70,000 trees. In just a couple of years, the production grows to 200,000 plants per year, so the Acemi nursery begins to run small.

In 2003 Acemi made its final leap with the acquisition of new land for its own cultivation and the construction of new nurseries, with an area of more than 40 acres devoted entirely to the production of UCB1 rootstocks and grafted pistachio plant. At this time, in 2003, Acemi was already producing 700,000 pistachio trees each year.

Acemi currently produces more than one million plants, of which 700,000 are grafted pistachio plants and the remaining 300,000 are UCB1 rootstock plants for grafting in the field.

Acemi is the world’s first producer of UCB1 seed certified by the UC Davis with a production that reaches 5 million seeds each year. Our seeds reach pistachio plantations in Spain, Argentina, Australia or Portugal, among others.

In addition, it exploits 1,800 acres of pistachios on its California property, of which 900 acres are already in peak production. Thanks to its high specialization and industrialized labor system, the average production volume is 4,000 pounds or 1814 kg per acre planted each year.