In the 1960s, research by Dr. Lee Ashworth of the UC Berkeley Department of Plant Pathology, UC Davis, resulted in the UCB1 pattern. After many years of research and improvement, since 1995 the Foundation Plant Services (FPS) of Davis University is the body in charge of controlling the production and distribution of UCB1 seeds, granting the certification that ensures the quality of the seed introduced in the market.

The UCB1 pattern is a hybrid between Pistacia Atlantica and Pistacia Integerrima, which has demonstrated the highest resistance among all rootstocks to Verticillium, soil salinity and the rigors of winter. The result is a tree of great vigorous and highly resistant, which has proven to be the best rootstock on the market for the pistachio tree. California plantations are carried out almost 100% with UCB1 rootstocks, since the evidence on their resistance and productivity is more than demonstrated.

Acemi grows and exports 5 million UCB1 seeds each year, which it distributes to the states of California, Arizona and New Mexico, as well as exporting to various regions around the world, such as South America, Oceania and Europe. We are without a doubt the world’s leading producer of certified seed, since all our processes meet the standards of UC Davis for the production of UCB1.