Our priority has always been to invest everything necessary to improve the profitability of our clients. We take the utmost care in each phase of the development of a plantation, from the use of the best seed in the world and its germination (UCB1 certified) to the collection of the fruit, through the development of the rootstock, the realization of the graft, the planting and all the cares during the life of the plant.


Our more than 100 workers are continuously trained in our facilities, recycling with each new advancement or discovery in the world of pistachio. In the same way, we carry out training work for our clients, advising them on everything necessary in their plantation, and teaching them to manage their farm autonomously. We love to learn and we are very happy to share with our clients and friends all the secrets of the pistachio world.


We continually invest in research around pistachios. Our staff continually studies new possibilities to improve the health of the plant, improve its production, resistance to pests and diseases, and any aspect that can be improved. Thanks to this research, for example, we have managed to make pistachio grafts in a single year, when the normal thing in the market is that the plant takes two years to be grafted. And best of all, without any decrease in the development of the plant or the future tree, nor any decrease in the production or the health of the future fruit.

Our demand in this sense is maximum, and thanks to constant innovation we have managed to continue growing year after year, to become the world benchmark for the production of American pistachio plant.

Constant investment:

Year after year we increase our investment in the acquisition of new, more efficient machinery, in the growth of our nursery, and in the most advanced technology for the control of our plantations.
All our nursery facilities are equipped with the most precise tools to always achieve the ideal state of health in each of our plants.